Chief Executive Officer Message

Knowledge is Power
This statement is universally acknowledge truth. It assumes greater importance in 21st century where the whole world is shaping in knowledge world. So a school should to aim in empowering its students with knowledge which enables them to compete in the present competitive world.
During recent time there has been unprecedented explosion of information. Such explosion has made it compulsory that we keep pace with the understanding of concepts, problem solving techniques and art of critical thinking.
P L Shiksha Niketan aims at developing fully the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each child. From the protal of P L Shiksha Niketan well balanced integrated personalities with an amalgamation of east and west turn out. Ample opportunities and stimuli are provided for the physical, mental and spiritual growth.
Our students are taught to aim always ∗ Towards Great Heights ∗ . This helps them to excel there life.

Dr. Akhil Anand